Our SOCCER programs focus on teaching children the 4 core skills (First Touch, 1 v 1, Striking the ball and Running with the ball) used in the game. Our classes are FUN with loads of skill-based games and we always finish with a soccer match.

We cater for Boys and Girls who are looking to improve their skills and feel like part of a team! We aim to be INCLUSIVE of ALL children and have the capacity to divide groups up to best cater for beginners right through to elite players.


This program has been designed to teach children about the game and give them an opportunity to develop their soccer skills in a safe, fun and professional environment. Our coaches use the FFA National Curriculum as a guide to all activities they do with the children.


We use a variety of incentive badges to encourage children to work on different parts of their game.

They also motivated and strive to reach certain ranking levels determined by a series of tests.

Learn more and watch the videos here on our BADGES page.

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We offer ALL our members the opportunity to use the skills they’ve been learning and play as part of a team. Visit our TEAMS page to find out more.

​Our vision is for children to have positive experiences and love playing soccer, making them more likely to continue playing in their adult lives.

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We encourage all our participants to practise their skills at home. Children are motivated to do their homework as they are awarded badges if they do!

Please visit our HOMEWORK page for ideas on what children can do at home.

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Program Information

We have INDOOR and OUTDOOR locations for your child. Please choose and click the link below for more information and to register your child.


Futsal Academies – What is Futsal?
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​MEGA Courts

10-18 Albert St Windsor Gardens


Uni SA Gym

Lorne Ave Magill

We also run various programs in several Adelaide schools. Visit our SCHOOLS page to find out more.

These schools trust us to run quality programs for their students.

ALL Primary school aged children are eligible to claim up to $100 for sports.

Why not use your Sports Voucher on a Simply Football program?

Click here to download your voucher.

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