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7-A-Side Competition Rules

The Rules


Match points will be allocated as follows. 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 for a loss. Any forfeited game will be counted as a 3-0 win against the forfeiting side.


All matches will commence at the scheduled kick-off time. Each team must be on the field with a minimum five players ready for kick-off at their designated time. Game shall commence immediately at the scheduled Kick Off time.


If a team 10 minutes after the scheduled kick-off time cannot field a minimum of five players, a forfeit will be enforced. If a team cannot start a game on time, but has the minimum number present within the first 10 minutes, a one goal penalty against them will stand, and the game shall continue. No refunds will be given for any forfeited games.


Match balls will be supplied for the competition. Under 6 to 8 Competitions will use a size 3 ball, Under 9 to 12  will use a size 4 ball and U/13 a Size 5.


Must be either Football Boots with moulded studs or trainers (including indoor football shoes). NO Screw – In or Metal Studs will be allowed. Players with these kinds of footwear will not be permitted to play, until their footwear is compliant.


The wearing of shin pads is compulsory. Players without shin pads are not permitted to play. No exceptions.


The size of the pitch will be approximately 48m (long) X 28m (wide)


Under 7 & 9 matches will consist of two 15 minute halves with a 2 minute half time break
Under 11 & 13 matches will consist of two 20 minute halves with a 3 minute half time break


Only six players plus a goalkeeper on the field at any one time. A team may play a match with a total of four players plus goalkeeper, any less is a forfeit. Age group eligibility is determined by Year of Birth.

Under 6:  Players born 2017 , U/7 born 2016, U/8 born 2015, U/9 born 2014, U/10 born 2013, U/11 born 2012, U/12 born 2011, U/13 born 2010


Teams must obtain the Referees permission to enact an interchange. The oncoming Player cannot enter the field of play until the outgoing Player has completely left the field of play. All interchanges must be made at halfway point on the same side of the field.


All field players in a team must wear the same coloured shirt as declared in the Team Registration Form. Bibs will be available both for the goalkeeper if they don’t have a different shirt colour and for the team if both kits clash. Shirts do not need to be numbered.


If a team forfeits three times inexplicably, the Organising Committee reserve the right to expel them from the competition.


The Goals to be used in the competition are 2m high X 3m wide. The Goal Area will be a Semi Circle or “D” of a 6m radius from the goal. This will serve as a penalty area. All players are allowed inside the penalty area as per Futsal laws.


Any scoreline larger then 10 goals in favour of one team will be counted as a 10 goal victory ie. If the score is 17 – 2, it will be recorded as 12 – 2 etc.

Green Card

Offences that may result in the referee using the Green card can include, but not limited to the following:
  • Yelling or calling out to dispute any referee’s decisions.
  • Intimidating behaviour of any sort.
  • Demonstrative behaviour of any sort.
  • Unsportsmanlike behaviour of any sort.

These could be directed to the referee, opposition coaches, players or spectators.

The referees will use their discretion when deciding to use a green card. They have been instructed and encouraged to use them if they feel even slightly uncomfortable or pressured in any way by any coach, supporter or player. There will be NO warnings given first and NO conversation once the decision has been made. The referee will simply hold the card up and point to the goal being awarded. Play will resume as usual after a goal has been scored. Ground Stewards will also be able to inform referees if a green card needs to be used.

A SECOND green card shown to the same team will result in the match being forfeited by the offending team. The referee will show the card and leave the pitch without any discussion. Once the first green card has been shown, any arguing or questioning of this decision will warrant an immediate second green card.

The competition organiser will only accept the referee’s account of events 100% and won’t be entering into any discussions with anyone else.

Respect for Referees

Anybody who verbally or physically abuses a referee can be BANNED from the competition. In addition we reserve the right to expel the player’s entire team from the competition.

Laws of the Game

    The goalkeeper can pick the ball up anywhere inside the “D” penalty area. (S)he is allowed to leave the penalty area, but can’t handle the ball once outside. Distribution may be made only by throwing/rolling or playing from the ground (Kicks directly out of the hands or ‘Drop Kicks’ are not permitted. Once the ball is placed on the ground, other players are permitted to play it. A goalkeeper change may only be made during a stoppage in play, and the Referee must be notified accordingly.
    Goal kicks must be taken from inside the “D” area, by any player. The ball must be kicked from the ground, not thrown (the ball may be thrown if the goalkeeper picks the ball up in play).
    The regular back pass rule applies – i.e. the goalkeeper may not pick the ball up.
    These will be marked and taken in the usual manner
    When the ball goes over the sideline play restarts with a kick-in (i.e. no throw-ins). A goal can not be scored directly from a Kick-in.
    Players MUST remain on their feet to make a tackle. Slide tackles or those made on one knee will be penalised with a free kick
    All Free kicks are DIRECT . Opposing players must be a minimum of 5m away from the ball. Any kick-off will also be indirect, meaning the ball must be touched twice before a goal is scored.
    Penalties are awarded as normal for any fouls inside the Semi Circle and will be taken from the middle of Semi Circle (6m from the goal).
    There will be NO offside rule.
    In any other circumstance normal soccer rules as per FIFA apply.
    Any player sent off for “Violent Conduct” will be banned from the rest of the competition. Players sent off for “Abusive, Insulting or Offensive Language” or “Serious Foul Play” cannot be replaced for the remainder of the match and receive an automatic one-match suspension to be served during their team’s next scheduled match. The Organising Committee reserves the right to extend periods of suspension as it deems appropriate in each circumstance.

Team Registrations

  • The Team’s Manager must provide an email address and phone number, as all communication will be conducted in this way. Emergency communication can also be made via telephone contact numbers provided on the Team Registration Form.
    EVERY PLAYER MUST be registered as an INDIVIDUAL player.
  • A team must have a minimum of seven and a maximum of twelve players registered. If an individual cannot get into a team themselves, the Organising Committee will attempt to assign them to a team in need of players
  • In completing the Registration Form, Team Managers agree to uphold and abide by the Terms and Conditions, FFSA Code of Conduct and Rules of the competition as per above.
  • The FULL Team Registration fee must be paid prior to the first game of the season.


  • If games are cancelled due to bad weather an email and text message will be sent to Team Managers by 5.00pm that day.
  • Due to liquor licencing laws, NO ALCOHOL is to be brought to the ground and alcohol purchased from the bar may only be consumed in the licensed area, which is in the clubrooms or behind the fence along the western side of the ground.
  • The competition is organised by Simply Football, in conjunction with Campbelltown City Soccer Club
  • Results and points tables will updated by each Monday of the competition which will be available on the website:
  • All further enquiries should be directed to Adrian Gatto via email ( or phone on 0402 418 580.