7 tips for raising happy kids

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7 tips for raising happy kids

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Does your child….

  • Give up too easily when faced with obstacles?
  • Spend too much time on their devices?
  • Not give new challenges a go for fear of failure?
  • Have trouble making friends?
  • Get frustrated easily and angry quickly?
  • Over catastrophise situations?
  • Doubt his/her abilities to play sports?
  • Not want to play sport in an overly competitive environment?
  • Just want to play sport for the enjoyment and be part of a team?

Our Programs

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will set your child's blueprint for a HEALTHY and HAPPY life!

Our programs have been designed by a PE teacher with many years of experience. Our coaches have seen what works and know what children really need to flourish. Using this wealth of expertise, our programs are designed to teach and encourage your child to:

  • Have a growth mindset and believe they can achieve extraordinary things.
  • Be physically active and a confident member of any sports team.
  • Be a self assured and optimistic future leader.
  • Have the confidence to take risks and give anything a go.
  • Be persistent, determined and a resilient problem solver.
  • Have a high self worth and be connected with friends and teammates.
  • Develop healthy habits, both physical and mental, to form a blueprint for life!

Your child will;

Be a self-assured, optimistic leader of tomorrow.

Have FUN in our non-competitive environment.

Be taught by highly qualified, experienced and passionate teachers.

Learn new Physical and Mental skills they can use for life!

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These schools trust us to run our programs, as they believe we greatly enrich their students’ learning.