Give your child the ULTIMATE start in life!

KINDER Sports will teach your child all the FUNdamental Movement skills they'll need for Life!

We’d love to help you raise a HEALTHY and HAPPY child!

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‘7 things EVERY parent MUST know to raise a HEALTHY and HAPPY child.’

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We believe MUSIC plays a HUGE part when teaching children! Kids LOVE to move and dance to music, making it FUN and helps to reaffirm pertinent messages that promote HEALTHY habits from a young age.

Download this entire collection of 15 songs from the ‘Munch and Move’ playlist by the Jingle Jams.

These songs will help you get your child to be ACTIVE and Eat HEALTHILY too!

You can also stream it directly from YouTube HERE.

These songs have been produced by the NSW government’s ‘Healthy Kids’ program and are FREE for parents to use with their children!

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Does your child….

  • Interact cooperatively with other children?
  • Have lots of opportunities to explore what his/her body can do?
  • Seem ready to listen to a teacher at school?
  • Like having FUN moving, dancing and exploring?

Our KINDER Sports Program

will set your child's blueprint for a HEALTHY and HAPPY life!

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Our program has been designed by a Physical Education teacher who has many years of experience. He has seen what works and knows what children really need to do to develop their Fundamental Movement Skills. Using this wealth of expertise, our program is designed to teach and encourage your child to:

  • Coordinate movement patterns
  • Use the correct techniques when performing sports skills
  • Develop physical skills and habits to be active for life!
  • Follow instructions and cooperate with other children
  • Have FUN moving rhythmically to music.
kinder sports

“The guys from Kinder Sports were AWESOME! They were well organised, energetic and very professional. They kept our kids engaged and active for 45 minutes and the kids loved it!” – Michele, Montessorri House Newton

Your child;

Will have FUN in our safe, indoor environment.

Will have the opportunity to explore a variety of sports equipment and obstacles.

Will obtain all the benefits of movement and exercise.

Will be taught by highly qualified, experienced and passionate teachers.

Will be more prepared to start school.

Will learn and discover new skills they can use for life!

Research shows that children who are competent in fundamental movement skills are more likely to enjoy sports and activities and to develop a lifelong commitment. Research also suggests that children who do not master FMS are more likely to drop out of physical activity later in life.

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