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Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the Simply Sports team! We look forward to having you work with us and the positive contributions you’ll be making to children’s lives.

At Simply Sports our mission is to make sport FUN and equip children with the skills they’ll need to confidently participate in sports as adults, leading to a HAPPY and HEALTHY life!  Therefore, we ask our facilitators to engage with all participants and provide a FUN and nurturing environment.

We aim to develop life-long sports participants, whatever level that might be. We believe this is achieved by teaching and equipping children with the basic, fundamental skills which will enable them to confidently participate in sports as adults. We believe this to be an essential segue to leading an active lifestyle and being socially connected.

Essential Learning for Simply Sports coaches

Please complete this short online course

Our programs are designed to be FUN whilst also challenging. Therefore, our coaches need to be encouraging, as we believe children learn best when they feel confident enough to take risks without fear of making mistakes! Children are more likely to participate in sports as adults if they have had positive experiences as children.

Simply Sports coaches need to;

  • Have FUN, Be FUN, make it FUN for kids
  • Be energetic, outgoing and enthusiastic
  • Encouraging and patient with children
  • Be punctual, organised and reliable
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Be flexible, willing to learn and take on feedback

Coaches are required to follow the program outlined for each sport. These are all found on our;


Coach’s Procedures for school programs

DO's and DON'Ts


Treat ALL kids with RESPECT

Keep kids engaged in SIMPLE activities.

Keep numbers down to 4-a-side games or less.

Be Prepared, well-planned and Flexible.

Always be POSITIVE and full of PRAISE. Try to praise EFFORT and not ability.

Be a KID, Have FUN and use your imagination!

Send children to the toilet etc with their parent or at least with a partner.

Keep an eye on all children and always know how many are in your group.

Use the program, have a PLAN, be PREPARED and ORGANISED



EVER yell or berate a child.

EVER leave a child unsupervised.

Have children waiting in lines of more than 3.

Do elimination games.

Be negative or critical.

Make games or activities too hard.

Talk too much trying to explain things eg Tactics

Give children any FOOD (eg Lollies or chocolate as a reward)

Essential Certification

Anyone wanting to work with children MUST HAVE a valid ‘Working with children’ clearance certificate (WWCC). These are organised through the SA government ‘Screening unit’.

Individuals can organise their own clearance using this link:

OR we can initiate the process for you and you’ll receive an email from the Screening unit to complete the process.

Clearances cost $119.90 and lasts for 5 years.

RRHAN-EC (Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care) is an ESSENTIAL requirement to work with children.  If you have not completed the training, you’ll be able to do this online, using THIS LINK.

You’ll need to create an account first and then choose the RRHAN-EC course.

For inexperienced coaches. As a minimum requirement, we also ask our coaches to complete The Community Coaching – Essential Skills Course (online).

You can access it via the link below. You’ll need to create an account.


Coaches are paid $40 per session. Most sessions go for an hour and coaches are required to arrive approximately 15  minutes prior to the start time of the session to sign in at the school office and set up. They’re also expected to stay behind to assist with the pack up. Coaches are required to assist the Lead coach at all times.

LEAD coaches are paid $50 per session.

A lead coach’s extra responsibilities include;

  • Planning the session from the program guide and directing the assisting coach.
  • Arriving earlier to set up.
  • Being responsible for the equipment for the entirety of the program.
  • Taking and recording the attendance on the shared Google sheet each week.
  • Basically being in charge of the program.

Payments are made fortnightly. To get on the payroll. you’ll receive an email from ‘Payroller’ saying it’s from ‘The Trustee for the Adrian Gatto Family Trust’ (it’ll probably go to your junk/spam folder). Please fill in your details linked to that email which will be linked directly to the ATO and have your bank details etc.

Simply Sports will supply you with a T-Shirt or Hoodie to be worn during sessions. These remain the property of Simply Sports. If coaches leave within a short time of commencing, they’re asked to return any clothing supplied by Simply Sports.

Agreement & Policies

Please read the following documents and acknowledge that you’ve read them and agree to adhere to our policies.


New coaches onboarding

Simply Sports Employment Agreement
Simply Sports 'Child Safe' policy
Simply Sports social media policy
TEAM coach code of conduct
Only applicable for coaches responsible for a TEAM playing in a competition.
- Working with Children clearance (WWCC) - Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect - Education and Care (RRHAN-EC) - Community Coaching - - First Aid
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    We always aim to be inclusive and demonstrate this by being an ‘Autism Friendly’ provider.