At Simply Tutoring we believe Academic success greatly contributes to a child’s self-worth and confidence. This is an essential element to raising a HEALTHY and HAPPY child!

We believe this is achieved by guiding and mentoring students through the challenges they may face with their learning. We aim to encourage students to believe they can overcome challenges and have a growth mindset, resulting in greater confidence to take risks when learning and have a go at new tasks. Our aim is for your child to become an optimistic, resilient learner who views obstacles and mistakes as merely opportunities to learn!

Whether you’re looking for extra help for your child to overcome learning difficulties or you’re looking to further extend your child, we have tutors to suit your child’s needs! We’ll match a suitable tutor to compliment your child’s goals. Our tutors will always tailor programs to your child’s needs. We’ll listen to your desired outcomes as well as conducting diagnostic tests to find where your child is at.


If your child is a Primary student, your goal for them may be focussed on Literacy or Numeracy or both. You may prefer a general approach or be more specific and focus solely on Reading comprehension in Literacy or Measurement in Numeracy as examples. Your goals may be for them to earn an Academic Scholarship to a Private College or gain entry into an extension program such as Ignite. You may want to just allow our tutors to take the pressure off of you and simply help them with their school projects?


If your child is a Secondary student, your goal for them may be to achieve a certain ATAR score by improving their grades in a specific subject or you may be looking for general guidance and mentoring through such assignments as a Resource Project. Our tutors are qualified, experienced teachers or University students with expertise in particular Secondary subjects. These include Year 11 and SACE and IB subjects.

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Our tutors will give your child undivided one-to-one attention in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you!

Microsoft Teams

Using the latest online technology, such as Zoom conference calls and whiteboards etc, our tutors will give your child undivided one-to-one attention. Sessions can be recorded and referred back to later. Our tutors are adaptable and can use any platform that may be better suited to your child or what their school may require them to use. All tutors have a ‘Working with Children’ clearance and have been trained in ‘Child Protection practices’

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We’d love to help your child achieve their academic goals! Chat with us about your child’s needs and we’re sure we’ll have some helpful hints for you.