Want to get a gage on your child’s Spelling and Reading levels?

The following tests are widely used in schools and have been for many years.

Whilst there are many other tests, we’re using these as they are suitable to use in this format. These tests will give you an indication of your child’s Spelling and Reading Age.


Please download the PDF below and print it off for your child.

Ask your child to circle the correct words (or letters to start with).

This test has a time limit of 30 minutes.

CLICK HERE to Download the Reading Test Pdf

CLICK HERE to see the Reading Answers and Score Table


Please play the audio for your child, using the link below.

Ask them to write down each word in order.

There are 70 words.

Please pause the recording if your child needs more time to write the word.

The words in this test progressively get more difficult.

CLICK HERE to play the Audio File of the Spelling Test.

CLICK HERE to see the Spelling Answers and Score Table.