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Sports Vouchers

Have You Claimed Your $100 Sports Voucher Yet?

Every Primary School Aged Child is Entitled to a $100 Sports Voucher That Can Be Used for One of Our Programs!

For further information you can visit the Sports Voucher website:

Every child in South Australia from the age of 5 to 13 is eligible to receive this Sports Voucher to contribute to the cost of any sports fee and memberships.

If your child is 4 (born 2018) and turning 5 this year but not at school yet, they are still eligible!

Please note this voucher can only be used once per calendar year.

These vouchers can be used on any SIMPLY SPORTS program.

How to Claim

Simply fill in and submit the form below. We’ll then send you a code that can be used to claim your $100 discount.

Alternatively, you could

  1. Download this voucher
  2. Fill in your child’s details
  3. Email the completed form to us at

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please include child's reference number. Must be 11 digits.

Please ensure you’ve provided ALL 11 digits of your Medicare card (including the reference number on left hand side for your child).

Does your child….

  • Want to learn new sports skills and learn how to play soccer or netball?
  • Doubt his/her abilities to play sports?
  • Not want to play sport in an overly competitive environment?
  • Just want to play sport for the enjoyment and be part of a team?
  • Give up too easily when faced with obstacles?
  • Spend too much time inactive on their devices?
  • Not give new challenges a go for fear of failure?
  • Have trouble making friends?
  • Enjoy all the benefits of being physically active?

Our Simply Sports Programs

Will Set Your Child's Blueprint for a Healthy and Happy Life!

Learn more about our programs;

Our programs have been designed by coaches who have many years of playing and coaching experience. Our coaches are passionate about sports and are able to make our classes FUN, whilst challenging. We aim to teach and encourage your child to:

  • Be physically active and a confident member of any team.
  • Have the confidence to take risks and give new skills a go.
  • Be persistent, determined and a resilient problem solver.
  • Have a high self worth and be connected with friends and teammates.
  • Develop healthy habits, both physical and mental, to form a blueprint for life!
  • Love playing sports and want to keep improving their skills.

What are the Benefits of Physical Activity?


Emotional and Intellectual


The 2018 Active Healthy Kids Australia Report Card rated Australian kids D- for Overall Physical Activity Levels. As in 2014 and 2016, Australia has again been assigned a failing grade (D−) for Overall Physical Activity Levels. Almost 35% of children aged 5-8 years met the 60 minutes a day recommendations, dropping to just under 20% of 9-15 year olds.

“Charlotte has really improved her skills and understanding of the game. She’s been able to use this in her school games to be one of the best players in the team. Everyone has been asking me how she’s improved so much.” – Pina Bria