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Does your child….

  • Want to improve their Literacy and Numeracy skills?
  • Lack confidence in his/her academic abilities?
  • Anxious about school assessments?
  • Get frustrated and angry quickly?
  • Give up too easily when faced with obstacles?
  • Not give new challenges a go for fear of failure?


will set your child's blueprint for a HEALTHY and HAPPY life!

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Our tutors are experienced educators or current university students with expertise in particular Secondary subjects. Our tutors will cater to the individual needs of your child. We aim to teach and encourage your child to:

  • Set themselves academic goals and realistically plan to achieve them.
  • Have the confidence to take risks and give new challenges a go.
  • Become more independent by managing and organising their time and resources.
  • Put extra effort into projects that go beyond the teachers expectations.
  • Be persistent, determined and a resilient problem solver.
  • Have a high self worth and confident in their own ability.
  • Develop study habits, to form a blueprint for further success!

What are the Benefits of tutoring?

Your child will be receiving all the benefits of one-on-one individualised attention. Our tutors will not only help your child with their current academic goals and school assigned work, they’ll be aiming for your child to;

  • Become more self-assured to tackle challenging tasks and assignments.
  • Take more responsibility and ownership of his/her learning.
  • Be confident enough to ask questions during classes at school.
  • Form positive relationships with his/her peers through improved communication.
  • Show more initiative and creativity in his/her learning.


“Callum has just flourished since being tutored by Melissa! He used to be really reluctant to go to school as he lost interest and became disheartened. Melissa’s understanding of Callum’s needs and her patience has been greatly appreciated!” – Tanya Rivers

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