SIMPLY ACTIVE is a fitness program especially designed to be FUN for kids.

This group fitness training will cater to the needs of each child’s goals. This program is for children who want to focus on specific components of fitness suited to their particular chosen sport or any children who just want to work towards a general fitness goal.

We will conduct fitness tests at the beginning of the program, to find a starting point. We’ll then go through with each child to find out what their objectives are and design an individualised program.

A specialised program focuses on the particular components of fitness that are used in a chosen sport. For example, team sports such as soccer require cardiovascular endurance and speed while sports such as weightlifting require power and strength instead.

Our trainers will use the information from the testing results to design a program to suit your child’s needs!

We’ll come to your child’s school and conduct a battery of Fitness tests on all the students.

These children will gain an understanding of the components of fitness and how they compare to others. They’ll learn which components of Fitness are important for their age group and which ones they’ll need to work on in training to improve in their sport.


The most common components of fitness tested are;

Fitness Component Test
Aerobic Endurance 20m Shuttle run – Beep Test
Muscular Power Standing Broad jump or Vertical leap
Speed 40m Sprint
Flexibility Sit and Reach
Balance Standing on one foot
Agility Illinois Agility Test
Strength Grip Strength Dynamometer
Muscular Endurance Sit-ups

Want to have a go and test your current fitness levels?

Use these links to test your Aerobic Endurance (Beep Test) and Agility (Illinois Agility test). These are both commonly tested fitness components which are both essential to be successful in many team sports.

Participants are kept motivated with our badge system. Children are given an incentive badge when they reach their goals!

These goals are measured in our battery of tests. Points are allocated for test results and different coloured badges are awarded accordingly. These levels can be seen in the table below;

Optional MACRON training T-Shirts are available in our Store for just $25. Children love to proudly display these badges to their T-Shirts.

Simply ACTIVE uses many FUN Games such as Dodgeball and other classic school yard games such as ‘Stuck in the Mud’, ‘Red Rover’ and many more. Children will also have the opportunity to play modified, general sports games each week.

This program has been designed by Adrian Gatto who has had 26 years of experience in teaching Physical Education and will also be delivered by Simply Sports coaches.

It is recommended that children and young people aged between 5 and 18 years do a minimum of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. This is a great opportunity for children to play modified sports games whilst having fun in a non-competitive environment. Participant’s hearts will be racing as they’ll work up a sweat without even realising because they’ve been having so much FUN!

We believe that children who have FUN whilst being active and have positive experiences are more likely to enjoy sports and activities and to develop a lifelong commitment as adults.

The benefits of Physical Activity can no longer be denied! Visit our RESEARCH page to see the findings of many research papers and the overwhelming evidence!