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Simply Active

SIMPLY ACTIVE can provide a range of activities and programs especially designed to be FUN and get your kids moving!

We’ll work with you to provide the most suitable sessions for your site! Whether you’re looking for bootcamp style exercise sessions or just FUN and ACTIVE games, we can cater to your needs!

Fitness Testing

We’ll come to your site and conduct a battery of Fitness tests on your students.

These children will gain an understanding of the components of fitness and how they compare to others. They’ll learn which components of Fitness are important in their chosen sport and which ones they’ll need to work on.

The most common components of fitness tested are;

Fitness ComponentTest
Aerobic Endurance20m Shuttle run – Beep Test
Muscular PowerStanding Broad jump or Vertical leap
Speed40m Sprint
FlexibilitySit and Reach
BalanceStanding on one foot
AgilityIllinois Agility Test
StrengthGrip Strength Dynamometer
Muscular EnduranceSit-ups

Want to have a go and test your current fitness levels?

Use these links to test your Aerobic Endurance (Beep Test) and Agility (Illinois Agility test). These are both commonly tested fitness components which are both essential to be successful in many team sports

FUN and ACTIVE games

Our fun fitness games and activities for kids are designed to promote physical fitness and keep kids entertained. These activities are a great way to promote important physical and mental health benefits.

Our facilitators can run a whole session of games and activities that will definitely get your kids moving! These are often popular, traditional school yard games such as;

·      Red Rover

·      Octopus

·      Crows and Cranes

·      Pirate’s Treasure

·      Chain Tag

·      Stuck in the Mud

·      Dog Catcher

·      Spiders and Flies

and of course, everyone’s favourite ‘Dodge ball’!

Team Building

Teamwork and cooperation activities are a fun way for kids to learn important skills such as communication, problem-solving, and empathy. These activities can include games, challenges, and collaborative projects and can help kids develop positive relationships with their peers and adults.

Our facilitators will take your children through a range of games and group challenges that will require any group to work as a TEAM!

In these challenges, some children will discover vital LEADERSHIP skills they never knew they had!

These sessions could also be run as a Mini-Olympics or Sports Day! Possible activities could include;

·      Sack races

·      Egg & Spoon relays

·      Noodle rollers

·      3-Legged Races

·      Conveyer belt races

·      Caterpillar races

and many more!

The benefits of Physical Activity can no longer be denied! Visit our RESEARCH page to see the findings of many research papers and the overwhelming evidence!