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Futsal League

Futsal League

Welcome to the thrilling world of Futsal, where young athletes come together to showcase their soccer skills, embrace sportsmanship, and form lasting memories. We’re excited to present the Simply Sports’ Futsal Competition, an extraordinary event designed for children between the age of 6 and 12. Get ready to kick off an unforgettable journey filled with camaraderie, growth, and a whole lot of fun!


Kings Baptist Grammar school gymnasium.


Teams from U/7 & 8, U/9 & 10  or U/11 & 12


Thursday evenings from February 29th (Wk 5) to June 27th (Wk 9, Term 2). The season will go for 16 weeks. No games during school holidays (April 18th and 25th).


$10 per player, per game.



$50 Forfeit fees apply

Approximate Game Times

30 minute matches

4:45 pm : U/7 & 8

5:25pm: U/9 & 10

6:05pm U/11 & 12

All fixtures, results and tables will be available using the Sports Block App.

The season will conclude with a finals series and Grand Final. All teams will participate in the finals.

A trophy will be awarded to the top goal scorer and the best player in each division at the end of the season.


REGISTRATIONS CLOSE on Thursday 22nd February

Places are limited. We have a 2 hour time limit for the courts, which can not be extended.

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If your child is not part of a team, but would still like to play, they’re most welcome to join a SIMPLY TEAM team! If we can, we’ll form a team or try to find a team that needs an extra player. Just let us know!

Find more details and register your child on our TEAMS page.

ENQUIRIES: Phone: Giancarlo Zumbo on 0412 227 343 or Adrian Gatto on 0402 418 580


What is Futsal and why play it?

Competition Highlights

Age-Appropriate Divisions: Tailored for young talents, our competition offers distinct divisions for under 7, under 9, and under 11 categories. Each division ensures players engage in healthy competition against peers of similar age, fostering fair play and skill development.

Indoor Action: Play the game you love without worrying about weather conditions. Our Futsal competition takes place indoors, providing a controlled and exciting environment for players to exhibit their abilities.

Skill Development: While competition is part of the thrill, our focus remains on skill enhancement and personal growth. Participants will engage in activities designed to build essential soccer skills and teamwork.

Small Team Dynamics: With teams of 5 players each, participants experience enhanced involvement in every play. This format fosters better communication, decision-making, and camaraderie among teammates.

Friendly Environment: Our competition prioritises creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where young players feel comfortable to express themselves, learn, and enjoy the sport without unnecessary pressure.

Structured Gameplay: Futsal is a fast game played on smaller courts to keep the action quick and exciting, ensuring that players are always on their toes.

Community Bonding: Our Futsal competition brings together young athletes from various schools, fostering new friendships and connections beyond school boundaries. It’s a wonderful opportunity for students to broaden their social horizons.

Referee Guidance: Certified referees oversee each game, promoting fair play and sportsmanship. This not only ensures a level playing field but also educates participants about the importance of respecting rules.

Parental Involvement: Our competition encourages parents to support their young athletes. By attending games, parents can witness the growth and progress of their children and share in their achievements.

Life Lessons: Participating in sports goes beyond the game itself. Our competition instills life skills such as teamwork, discipline, time management, and perseverance, which benefit participants in various aspects of life.

Memorable Experience: We strive to create a memorable experience for all participants. From the thrill of the matches to the camaraderie formed, this event promises lasting memories for both players and their families.

Teacher Incentive

As a token of our appreciation for the educators who go the extra mile, we are excited to offer a complimentary Simply Sports polo shirt or jumper to the teacher who takes the initiative to organise a school team. It’s our way of acknowledging your dedication to enriching the lives of our students.

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