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Want a New Sports Program at Your School?

At Simply Sports our mission is to make sport FUN and equip children with the skills they’ll need to confidently participate in sports as adults, leading to a HAPPY and HEALTHY life!

We aim to develop life-long sports participants, whatever level that might be. We believe this is achieved by teaching and equipping children with the basic, fundamental skills which will enable them to confidently participate in sports as adults. We believe this to be an essential segue to leading an active lifestyle and being socially connected.

Are you a PE or class teacher looking for more fitness games you can play with your students?

We’ve developed some fitness game cards that will get your students active in an instant! These games require NO equipment and minimal instructions. Just get a child to pick any card and away you go! Scan the QR code on the back to see how to play the game, if you need to.

Please help yourself to a FREE download of these cards.

About Us

Simply Sports started as a soccer academy in 2011 for students at St Francis of Assisi, called Simply Football. It was created by the PE Teacher who embraced the strong soccer culture within the school and harnessed the exuberance with a specialised program. The demand was so great that we’ve now expanded to include other sports. We now have a variety of programs in various sports that we can offer all schools. Learn more on our ABOUT US page.

Why Us

  • We’re run by an experienced PE Teacher who understands schools. 
  • We can offer sports programs, linked to ACARA, to suit your school’s needs.
  • We always supply all the equipment and do all the paperwork, including registrations, parent payments, risk assessments etc.
  • Our coaches have all the clearances and training required to work in schools.
  • We are an inclusive ‘Autism Friendly’ provider.
  • We can cater for the Reception to Year 2 students in your school that aren’t able to participate in a school team.

We'll Do All the Paperwork and Supply All the Equipment!

With our help, your school will be able to provide professional sports programs to compliment your curriculum or extra-curricular program all year round. 

Our programs can cater for the Junior Primary students who aren’t able to join a school team yet, but would like to learn how to play in preparation for when they can join a school team.

Our COACHES are Licensed, Experienced and Passionate!
They have their appropriate ‘Working with children’ Clearances, RRHAN-EC training and Covid Vaccination certificates. 

They’ll also be able to;

  • Run SIMPLY ACTIVE Sports Day activity stations
  • Conduct a battery of Fitness Tests
  • Do a Fundamental Movement Skills Assessment
  • Take whole class sports clinics in PE lessons
  • Coach one of your school’s teams for trainings or during their games.

We know that the tireless work of PE Teachers and Sports Coordinators goes largely unnoticed. We also know how much a PE Teacher or Sports Coordinator loves a freebie! Therefore, we’d like to reward you and say thank you with a FREE polo or jumper! These clothing items are GREAT quality and are supplied by Italian Manufacturer MACRON. To claim your free polo or jumper, you’ll just need to allow us to run one after school program at your school!

Benefits to Students

  • Exercise promotes blood flow and oxygen to the brain, therefore assisting concentration. RESEARCH consistently shows us the direct link to academic success.
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem which is important for a child’s all round well being. 
  • Students gain the opportunity to be involved in an enjoyable, challenging, rich learning environment outside of school time. 
  • The opportunity to play and learn new skills in a nurturing environment, no matter what ability level.
  • Feel like part of a team and learn important cooperation and social skills.

Our Programs

Our programs focus on the fundamental skills used in each sport. They are designed to be a FUN and engaging introduction to the sport. Children will not only learn the skills required to play the sport but also how to play the game in modified matches.

We believe we have found the right balance between making activities FUN, whilst also being able to focus on developing certain skills. We’re able to combine a little bit of imagination, to encourage children to play with that added intensity they wouldn’t have had during a drill. They run faster when they’re being chased by a ‘Crocodile’!

Our programs normally run for 6 to 8 weeks and focus on a single sport. This gives the child a clear understanding of the sport and an opportunity to consolidate the skills they’ll be learning.

As we offer 5 sports programs, we can cater for all interests and have the capacity to run a different program at your school each term!


This is what some of the PE Teachers and Sports Coordinators have said about us;

“Simply Sports have been AWESOME! They’re well organised and very professional. They started off  with an R-2 soccer program and we’ve now got them here all year round with different sports.”

Des Deuter – Mawson Lakes Primary

These schools, along with some others, trust us to run quality programs for them. We encourage you to make contact with the Sports Co-ordinators at these schools, as we’re certain they’ll give us a glowing reference!

Join our Facebook group “PE Teachers Adelaide” and be a part of a community of PE Teachers from Adelaide that share their thoughts and ideas.


Our after-school sports programs normally run for 6 weeks at a cost of $100 (inc GST) per student.

Parents register and pay us directly via our website, meaning you don’t need to do anything! We’ll just keep you updated as registrations come in.

We can also tailor programs to suit your schools needs and budget.

Sports Vouchers

ALL Primary school aged children are eligible to claim up to $100 for sports. Why not use your Sports Voucher on a Simply Football program?

For further information you can visit the Sports Voucher website:

We always aim to be inclusive and demonstrate this by being an ‘Autism Friendly’ provider.