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Coach’s PROCEDURES for school programs

If it isn’t working, don’t be afraid to CHANGE IT


DOs and DON’Ts when coaching



Treat ALL kids with RESPECT

Keep kids engaged in SIMPLE activities.

Keep numbers down to 4-a-side games or less.

Be Prepared, well-planned and Flexible.

Always be POSITIVE and full of PRAISE. Try to praise EFFORT and not ability.

Be a KID, Have FUN and use your imagination!

Send children to the toilet etc with their parent or at least with a partner.

Keep an eye on all children and always know how many are in your group.

Use the program, have a PLAN, be PREPARED and ORGANISED



EVER yell or berate a child.

EVER leave a child unsupervised.

Have children waiting in lines of more than 3.

Do elimination games.

Be negative or critical.

Make games or activities too hard.

Talk too much trying to explain things eg Tactics

Give children any FOOD (eg Lollies or chocolate as a reward)