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Chase that kid

This is an intense speed dribbling game. It is my advanced version of “Follow the Leader”, and this game is one of my favourite games. My players really, really love this game too, it’s a riot to play, tremendous fun.


Speed dribbling, changes of direction, passing (sort of).


This game is easy to set up. Every player starts with their ball at their feet.

The Game:

To play this game, pick a player’s name and yell it out like “Chase Joanne”, and when she takes off dribbling with her ball, all of the other players have to chase her with their balls and try to tag her with their ball. Everyone has a ball, parents and coaches chase too!
To “tag” another player, the chasers have to hit her ball with their ball, which is pretty hard to do when the target is dribbling at top speed! When the first target player gets too tired, or tagged, call out another player’s name to chase!
To play “Tag” games, I have three acceptable ways to “tag” a player.
A player without a ball “tags” a player with a ball by touching the ball with the feet (defence)
A player with a ball “tags” a player without a ball by hitting the player in the legs (passing)
If both players have balls, then a player “tags” by using their ball to hit the ball of the other player (passing)
NEVER have players “Tag” by placing their hands on the body of another player.
I have spent hours trying to get kids to “keep their hands to themselves” at matches. Believe me, you will too. Kids tend to push and shove if allowed.


Try to give every player a chance to be chased. Watch for fatigue to change who is being chased, this game is a lot of running and a player can only go full speed for a limited period of time.


This game is awesome. They really dribble fast with their balls when the rest of the team is all chasing them! The motivation level to not get tagged is very high! This encourages both speed and control. If they move too slowly, they get caught, if they lose control of their ball, they get surrounded and tagged. Both speed and control are highly self teaching, because the price of a mistake arrives quickly!
They also learn that clever changes of direction can quickly shake off their pursuers.
The energy and giggling and fun of this game are amazing.