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Simply Football


This game focuses on running with the ball and 1 v 1.


Spread poly dots (Airports) all around the area. Players fly their aeroplanes around and land in airports, by stopping their ball on a Poly dot. If another plane comes to land at the same airport, they must fly away to another airport.

If the group is ready, introduce a tackler to catch the aeroplanes when they are flying. Aeroplanes are safe in airports but must still fly away when another plane comes.



This game is very similar to the Airports game.

Every time the coach calls out ‘EARTHQUAKE!!’ ALL players must run to find a new home.


Musical Dots

Play this game just like musical chairs. Take a dot away each time, however don’t eliminate players when they miss out on a dot.

You could have a boundary on the outside that they must move around. Blow a whistle to allow players to come into area to get a dot.


Ninja Turtle soccer

Purpose of Activity:

To keep soccer ball close to student’s body when practicing cues for dribbling with feet and toe taps.


Cues to dribbling (small touches, primarily inside part of foot, look up)/Cues to toe taps (lightly tap the top of the ball with the bottom of your foot, alternate feet)

Materials Needed:

Poly spots, soccer balls, flat hula hoops

Description of Idea

Students dribble around the gym trying to get as many “pizzas” as possible. To get a “pizza” (poly spot), they keep track of how many times they can stop their soccer ball on the “pizza” (poly spots are scattered in the activity area).

Students can’t pick the “pizzas” up. They also try to avoid the “manholes” (hula hoops). If the student’s ball travels across a “manhole” (out of control), they must perform 3 toe taps to climb out of the “man hole” before continuing to dribble.