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Simply Football

Sharks and Fish

Defence, dribbling and shielding.
Set up cones in a rectangle or square or a big circle, and call this your “pond”. Two players start out as “Sharks” and the rest as “Minnows”. The Minnows each have a ball but the Sharks do not have a ball.

The Game:
When you say “go”, the Sharks try to kick the Minnow’s balls out of the “Pond”. Each time a ball is kicked out, that Minnow becomes a Shark, so the number of sharks keeps growing. The winner is the minnow left with a ball, or you can declare the last two minnows with balls the winner.

Play 3 or 4 games, using different players as the beginning Sharks, so that everyone gets to start as a shark once.

This game is great to teach control dribbling in a pack of defenders and to “shield” or protect the ball. This very closely simulates actual match conditions as well, because the players towards the end have to keep control against multiple defenders, which is what they need to do in a match as well.