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Simply Football

Snow Ball Fight or Smash up Derby

 (Dribbling, passing)

Each player has a ball. Players try to pass their ball into other player’s balls and call out “splat!” when they hit another player’s ball.

You can change the name of this game to suit a theme eg. DODGEM Cars or CRASH UP DERBY


Dribbling, ball control, passing, field boundaries.


You play either with or without field boundaries. If you want field boundaries, then set up a rectangle or square with cones and tell all the players to stay within the field. Every player has a ball.

The Game:

Each player tries to hit every other player’s balls with their ball, each time they hit another player’s ball, they call out “splat!”. Don’t keep score for U-6.


Watch until you see them grow tired of it, usually 4 or 5 minutes is good.


This is a fantastic ball control game that teaches field awareness and ball control. It is also a good lead it to accurate passing. I play this game all the time, as it is an excellent dribbling game that forces the player’s heads up to always be aware of what is going on around them. It is impossible to play this game looking down at the feet. This game has a lot of traffic to avoid, so that players must simultaneously maintain control of their own ball, while keeping track of a lot of activity going on around them. This is an awesome control dribbling game.


Vary the size of the field, or sometimes do not have a field at all.

Make Coach the Target:

Sometimes, I pick a special colored ball for myself, like red or orange. Then I challenge them all at once to try to hit my ball, and then I weave in and out of the players while they all try to hit my ball.