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At SIMPLY SPORTS participants are always encouraged to try new skills, take risks and of course try their best! Players are awarded badges for their efforts to improve their skills, showing positive character traits and listening to their coach.

We have various badges to encourage children to develop personal qualities such as resilience, persistence and teamwork etc.

Children are also motivated to work on different core skills used in the particular sport. Children are encouraged to aim to earn a variety of skill badges to work of different parts of their game.

We aim to encourage children to continue practising their newly learnt skills at home by awarding them with a Homework badge. We ask parents to film their child and upload the videos to our Facebook group, where other members can leave encouraging comments.

You can see some soccer activities that your child can do at home on our HOMEWORK page (other sport activities coming soon). You can also join our FACEBOOK GROUP.

Badges are proudly worn on the sleeve of the player’s uniform.